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Integrated Advertising Campaign - Regional/National - Consumer



GSD&M for Fall Integrated Campaign done for Southwest Airlines

Jay Russell  |  Chief Creative Officer

Scott Brewer  |  Group Creative Director

Ryan Carroll  |  Group Creative Director

Ross Aboud  |  Creative Director - Art Director

Ryan Martindale  |  Creative Director - Writer

Ryan Warner  |  Art Director

Rusty Broome  |  Associate Creative Director

James Hoke  |  Associate Creative Director

Chase Stevens  |  Writer

Justin Han  |  Writer

Jack Epsteen  |  SVP Production

Becky Carrel Shawn Mackoff  |  Group Account Director

Amy Lyon  |  VP, Account Director

Blair Williams  |  Account Supervisor

Russell Debes  |  Account Manager

Andrew Teagle  |  Chief Strategy Officer

Seth Gordon  |  Director

Chan Hatcher  |  Editor

Lulu Wimberly / Michelle Grant  |  Creatives

Integrated Brand Identity Campaign

AAF-Oklahoma City


Toast Design Studio for OSU Museum of Art Identity done for OSU Museum of Art

Tiffany Lea Haendel  |  Owner & Designer

Emily Taylor Smart  |  Owner & Designer

Integrated Brand Identity Campaign



Johnson & Sekin for MF1K, a Meat Fight event done for Meat Fight

Shannon Phillips  |  Group Creative Director

Krista McCrimmon  |  Creative Director

Zack Ward  |  Associate Creative Director

Carlos Flores  |  Senior Art Director/Illustrator

Bryce Morgan  |  Writer

Mike Stopper  |  Group Account Director

Jonathan Armstead  |  Account Supervisor

Integrated Branded Content Campaign



McGarrah Jessee for Costa "Don't Fear the Fin" Campaign done for Costa Sunglasses

Joel Clement  |  Chief Creative Officer

Colin Lapin  |  Copywriter

Riley Shine  |  Art Director

Austin McKenna  |  Group Account Director

Lucas Lane  |  Account Supervisor

Ryan Kitchens  |  Account Executive

Rabbit Foot Studios  |  Production Company

Jeff Bednarz  |  Production Creative Director

Meredith Roach  |  Executive Producer

Sam Chortek  |  Producer

Ian Kasnoff  |  Producer

Sai Selvarajan/Lucky Post  |  Editor

Alex Heisterkamp  |  Assistant Editor/Lucky Post

Scottie Richardson  |  Sound/Lucky Post

Neil Anderson  |  Color/Lucky Post

Integrated Branded Content Campaign



R/GA for RaceTrac Summer in the South done for RaceTrac, Inc.

Interpublic Group  |  Holding Company

PF100  |  Production Company

RaceTrac, Inc.  |  Advertiser / Brand

R/GA  |  Post Production Company

R/GA  |  Music/Sound Company

Jonathan Woytek  |  Executive Creative Director

Murray Wyse  |  Creative Director

Jacob Coutino  |  Art Director

Amanda Keffer  |  Copywriter

Barry Sonders  |  Executive Producer

Shannon Flood  |  Content Producer

Malcolm Wax  |  Senior Content Producer

Allan McLeod  |  Director

Tim Jansen  |  Editor

Shawn King  |  Color

Kate Rush Sheehy  |  Group Strategy Director

JR Kraus  |  Director of Photography

Stephen Bernstein  |  Director Business Affairs

Megan Mills  |  Account Director

Integrated Branded Content Campaign

AAF-Fort Worth


Kisabeth Furniture forLa Habana Product Launch done for Kisabeth Furniture

Laurel McEuen  |  Creative Director

Gina McEuen  |  Art Director/Graphic Designer/Copywriter

Bethanne Glover  |  Special Projects Coordinator

Online/Interactive Campaign



Richards/Lerma for Eclipse Pop done for Encanto Pops

Aldo Quevedo  |  Principal/Creative Director

Rodrigo Maycotte  |  Creative Director

Lucho Sanchez  |  Art Director

Ken Cao  |  Art Director

Carlos Castro  |  Copywriter

Sam Malone  |  Copywriter

Paolo Linares  |  Content Producer

Val De Fex  |  Brand Manager

Francisco Cardenas  |  Director of Digital Strategy

Rafa Richards  |  Social Strategist

Joel Villarini  |  Social Strategist